Please e-mail me with commission inquiries 


Please be prepared and include the following information with your inquiry:
1. PURPOSE. What is the nature of the piece(s) you are commissioning-- who is it for, where is it going, is it for merchandise & promotion (like a sticker or shirt design), is it a gift, is it for a tattoo (more on that below), is it going to be published in a digital format or a physical format (or both), if there's multiple components, etc. etc. etc.
2. TIMELINE. If applicable, when do you need this piece completed? Especially if you need a physical painting or print shipped to you by a certain date. Otherwise, just mention that it's chill.
3. REFERENCES. Please include images to further explain what you're looking for, this helps me immensely.
4. STYLE + MEDIUM. Digital or Traditional media-- this affects both the timeline and the cost of your piece(s). If you could include images/screenshots of work I've already created as examples of the style or complexity that you desire, that would also be immensely helpful.

I take payment through Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, etc! Generally, I take at least half of the total, if not the entire total, as soon as we agree upon what concept to go forward with, but I'm also pretty flexible-- I'm willing to work out payment plans with up to 4 installments, especially on very large & complicated pieces.

I will ask for additional payment if your idea requires large & complicated revisions, especially if this happens after the concept phase. I will also scorn you if you are an asshole. I work really hard and I try to be as accommodating as possible!!! Pay me, bitch!

This part is just a big disclaimer: I am not a tattoo artist. I have created pieces for clients with the intention of being translated onto skin, and I do my best with the knowledge that I have, but I don't have the technical experience of a tattoo artist. The tattoo artist you take the piece to may have to make adjustments depending on their experience, techniques, & abilities. I've seen tattoo artists translate pieces I've made that I personally would not consider "tattooable" and do a really remarkable job, but I certainly wouldn't expect this from every tattoo artist. Do your research and talk to your tattoo artist!!


A general guide of what to expect. Coming soon.