2020 Pocket Calendar + Sticker Sheet

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12 lovely illustrations printed & assembled by yours truly ♡

Includes a rainbow sticker sheet of 24 stickers bearing sweet symbols inspired by the magic of life ♡

Stickers can be placed into the corresponding heart shapes in each illustration (there is no right or wrong "answer" to each one ♡) or used in whatever ways you desire ♡ 

Choose between matte red, matte lavender, or a white & gold pearlescent coverstock ♡

Marked with moon phases (full, half, new), equinoxes & solstices, American federal holidays, and a few other commonly observed holidays & traditions ♡

Wire bound, size is approximately 4.25" x 5.5" ♡ pin it on a wall, keep it on your desk, or tuck it gently in a bag with other notebooks & such